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Much to Renee's chagrin, Brad Farmer has been a racer from the get-go and while he took a break from the sport for a while, he picked it back up again at the tender age of 47.

Says Brad about the sport, "What's not to like about it?
You've got to love the speed.
You've got to love the competition.
It's all good!"

Brad supports the World Karting Association and would like to see you out at the track someday. You can find the 5/8 mile hot-asphalt track at the 103rd Street Sports Complex. If you've never seen a Kart race here's what to expect: the heart-pounding action of 80 mph vehicles powered by lawn mower engines. Can you imagine?

You don't have to head to Daytona! It's all right here in our own back yard!

Coyote Motorsports
Dealer and Team Driver

Brad's Heating & Cooling, Inc.
is a proud sponsor of:
S&K Racing (Sherri's and Kerri's)

Brad is a proud supporter of:
103rd Street Sports Complex
North Florida Kart Club
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